One of the most interesting aspects of learning about wine, is learning about the various regions that produce some of the most delicious wines in the world.  In Europe, there are many different regions that are responsible for not only producing wine, but producing wines that are often exclusive to that area due to different types of grapes, soil, and weather.  Some of the most delicious wines have originated in different regions across Europe, and have made their way around the world. If you’re a wine connoisseur, consider visiting some of these fantastic European wine regions.   


Italy is famously known for its diverse wine regions that are spread throughout the country.  Due to its various coastlines and mountain regions, the countries wine destinations are able to grow and use a wide variety of grapes for a number of different wines.  In some regions, such as Sicily’s Mount Etna, grapes are cultivated on historic volcanic soil that is known to create unique flavors exclusive to that region. Other Italian regions, such as Piedmont, Tuscany, and the Amalfi Coast are popular for their wine and stunning scenic landscapes, making the country one of the most visited destinations for wine enthusiasts.   


Similar to the Sicilian region of Mount Etna, Greece’s Santorini is another popular wine destination settled on volcanic soil.  Santorini specifically, is a Greek destination known for stunning views, incredible food, and some of the most exquisite accommodations in the world.  However, it’s stunning scenery and weather also contributes to it being one of the top wine regions in Europe. Known exclusively for the use of Assyrtiko grapes, wine enthusiasts praise the sweet, crisp white wine that the region has to offer.


France is one of the most historic winemaking regions in Europe, as the history of winemaking dates as far back as Roman times.  The stunning country has multiple regions all known for curating different types of wine from sweet whites, dark reds, and crisp champagnes.  Wine enthusiasts often visit regions such as Rhone Valley, Champagne, and Bordeaux, searching for a historic, and exciting experience.


Another extremely popular destination for wine connoisseur’s alike, Spain is considered to be one of the top three wine regions in the world.  Due to the perfect climate in specific wine regions, such as Catalonia, these Spanish vineyards have mastered the art of growing the perfect grapes and creating some of the most delicious wines you can find.