Whether you’re an avid wine connoisseur or taking a trip to a vineyard for a fun day of tasting, there are generally a few key rules you’ll want to follow when visiting a wine tasting.  If you’re already accustomed to the etiquette behind participating in a wine tasting, great. If not, you may find the experience to be quite exciting, but also slightly intimidating. With that said, some of these tips will help you not only manage the entire tasting process properly but also, ensure that you fully enjoy it.  For the best wine tasting experience, consider a few of these choice etiquette tips.

Refrain From Wearing Fragrances

While you may consider a day of wine tasting an opportunity to dress a little more sophisticated, always remember to refrain from wearing fragrances such as perfume or colognes.  A large part of attending a wine tasting is smell. The proper way to taste wine is to smell and appreciate the aroma before taking your sip. If you or others around you are wearing strong fragrances, it can really alter the tasting experience, believe it or not.  

Don’t Attend on an Empty Stomach

Attending a wine tasting comes with the obvious task of, tasting various wines throughout the day.  Doing so on an empty stomach is a perfect recipe for getting intoxicated a little too quickly. While it’s always okay to have fun and let loose, after all, you’re there to enjoy your day, you don’t want to ruin the experience by getting sloppy.  It will not only hinder the day for you but others around you as well. Eat something before you go, and if there is food offered there, take a break and eat throughout the day.

Dress for the Occasion

Appropriate attire for a wine tasting often depends on if there is a specific dress code for the tasting room that you’re visiting.  Aside from that, some general best practices are to wear darker colors and avoid clothing that may have dangling sleeves that could possibly cause a spill.  If there is a spill, dark colors are best to hide it, as opposed to wearing white or other light shades. Additionally, women may want to consider wearing flats or lowers heels to avoid being uncomfortable.  If you’re in a tasting room or taking a vineyard tour, you’re likely to be on your feet for a while, so you’ll want to be comfortable.

Pace Yourself

During a tasting, you’ll be trying an abundance of different wines throughout the day.  Similar to not attending on an empty stomach, be sure to pace yourself as the day goes on.  You’d be surprised the effect a few different small pours can have if you consume them too quickly.  To ensure you’re enjoying the day, have a steady tasting pace!