Traveling in today’s airports is always something of an experience. From taking off your shoes to pouring out any liquids that are over the 3.4-ounce rule, it can be painful to fly if others refuse to follow the unspoken commandments of air travel. Flying somewhere soon? Remember these five things during your journey.

Board With Your Zone

Boarding passes all come standard with specified boarding zones for a good reason. It’s an organized way for the staff to keep track of who is on the plane and who isn’t. Some travelers focus only on their seat number as they board, failing to pay attention to their assigned zone. Not only could this cause delays during boarding, but odds are it will also irk other travelers who’ve followed instructions. Ensure a smooth boarding experience by boarding only when the staff calls the zone listed on your boarding pass.

Don’t Crowd The Gate

It’s a given that most airports are crowded, but that doesn’t give you the right to loiter wherever you please. It is imperative that the gate entrance remain obstacle-free for both courtesy and safety reasons. Crowding can actually result in longer lines and confused clients. If you’re following our first unspoken rule, there’s no reason to join the boarding line before the gate agent calls your zone. Gate staff members are trained to make sure everyone with a ticket gets on the plane so odds are it’s not going to take off without you if you’re following directions.

Middle Seat Gets Both Arm Rests

Patrons stuck with a middle seat assignment don’t receive many perks. Legroom is tight, and personal space is all but non-existent. But, when it comes to the armrests, the unwritten rule is that the individual in the middle seat gets them both. It’s a basic courtesy granted in an attempt to apologize for their rotten seat position. Aisle and window seats come with perks so it stands to reason that the middle should too.

Window Rights Go To The Window Seat

Window seats are a popular choice for frequent fliers. It comes with a built-in place to rest your head and complete power over the window position. That’s right; you get to choose whether it remains open or closed during your flight. Keep in mind, however, that you are not the only person in your row, so it is also common courtesy to consider the discomfort of others.

All Trades Should Be Even

Occasionally a situation will come up where you’ll want to (or be asked to) switch seats with someone else on the plane. These things happen and usually don’t cause too much trouble as long as the trades are even. If you are giving up a window seat, you should be moving to a different window seat. It is okay to ask your flight attendant for a seat change to be near family or a significant other, just be sure that whoever you switch with is not getting the short end of the stick.

There are so many written rules to take into account when traveling by air and individuals usually do a good job following them. They keep us safe and ensure that airport processes proceed smoothly and efficiently. These unwritten rules accomplish the same goals at the gate and in flight.