Carlo Scevola

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Carlo Scevola is a successful executive, President and Founder of CS&P. Residing in Zurich, Switzerland, Carlo leads the independent and privately owned fiduciary firm internationally across four continents. In addition to this work, Carlo is also the Director of the Cryptos Fund, an investment fund with a blockchain-based philosophy. He received his MBA in Finance from the University of Liverpool, gaining an invaluable amount of experience in business development, estate and international tax planning, and asset management skills. He has a drive for entrepreneurship unmatched by many, and has even been involved with guiding young startups backed by his expertise in legal and financial processes.

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About Carlo Scevola

Carlo Scevola is extremely dedicated to client engagement. During his time as President of CS&P, Carlo has been sure to make this a priority for all involved. He has over 20 years of experience with CS&P in implementing concrete planning and execution as well as client satisfaction. Carlo Scevola is known within his industry as an innovative thinker and trusted partner, having successfully handled hundreds of clients.

CS&P and the Cryptos Fund are not the only businesses that Carlo Scevola has been involved with over the years. In 2017, Carlo served as co-head of the team that was responsible for creating the CCi30 Index. He has been leading the Guinea Bissau National Investment Agency since 2015. He has served in various roles as advisor to governments and law enforcement agencies of several countries. He has founded and sold several companies, and has been involved in financial markets as an asset manager and a private investor for over 2 decades.


More About Carlo Scevola

Carlo’s interests have a global reach. He is involved in several organizations in the finance industry. These include the Bitcoin Association in Switzerland, Crypto Valley Association, International Tax Planning Association, and UK Securities & Investment Institute. He is proud to say that many of his personal developments in security solutions are being used all over the world with companies both large and small.

Carlo Scevola is not just a businessman, despite all of the success he has seen in this arena. He spends a great deal of time supporting several philanthropic projects, including initiatives that serve the Caribbean, Africa, and Russia. He is proud to serve as Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Guinea Bissau as well. He credits his ability to work in such diverse cultures to his mastery of multiple foreign languages and drive to affect the world globally through his expertise.

Outside of the office, you can find Carlo in the outdoors, mainly skiing or golfing, as well as making music as a cellist. While he has a great passion for these activities, Carlo Scevola is particularly interested in wine and travel. The two go hand in hand well, and because Carlo keeps such an active lifestyle, he’s able to enjoy these activities to the fullest.

To learn more about Carlo Scevola, his business interests, and his musings on wine and travel, stay tuned to his blog Carlo will be posting content regularly.